All documents filed in the Eighth Judicial District Court (Clark County, Nevada) must comply with local court rule EDCR 7.20. A completed Civil Cover Sheet must be presented at the time of filing any new Civil or Family Law case. Civil Cover Sheets are available from the Forms Library or may be picked up at the customer counter at our Civil/Criminal Court and Family Court locations. Sample documents have been created to assist attorneys and pro se (proper person) litigants in preparation of forms. .

A document data entry code must be included on Line 1, at the top left margin on the first page of each document filed with the court. A brief listing of frequently used data entry codes is attached to these instructions. Please use only one code per document and use only codes included on the approved code list. Instructions on “How to Use the Codes,” can be found here.

When filing court documents, present an original (bearing original signatures) and two (2) copies. The Clerk’s Office retains the original for the official court file. The copies will be file-stamped and returned to you for your records or for service on other parties in the case. If your document requires a filing fee, the fee must be presented at the time of filing. Court filing fees are mandated by Nevada statute and the Clerk of the Court cannot waive these fees. Filing fees may be paid in cash, by check or money order. Proper identification is required if you are paying with a personal check.

Nevada Revised Statues may be researched at the Clark County Law Library, 309 South Third Street, Las Vegas, Nevada, or on the Internet at

Assistance for Family Law cases is available at the Family Law Self Help Center, 601 North Pecos Road, Las Vegas, NV. The phone number is (702) 455-1500.

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