General Information

The Eighth Judicial District Court of Clark County, Nevada is the largest general jurisdiction court in Nevada. This jurisdiction encompasses all municipalities and outlying communities of Clark County. The 52 district court judges serve more than 2.1 million citizens. The court serves as the trial court for Nevada and is part of the judicial branch of state government as set forth by the Nevada Constitution. The court is a forum for lawful dispute resolution insuring a balance of branch powers and constitutional protections.

The Court’s 52 elected judges preside over more than 90,000 criminal and civil cases that are filed each year in this court. In addition, twelve commissioners and masters assist the 52 judges.

Civil, Criminal, Probate and Family courts sit in session Monday through Friday 8 am to 5pm, exclusive of legal holidays. Evening sessions are available for some Family matters and Criminal Drug Court matters. At the discretion of individual Judges regular courts may request evening or Saturday sessions.