At the first of three Ministry of Magic vs. Harry Potter mock trials with Meadows School fourth graders the courtroom was buzzing. Excited students gleefully buzzed around while many of their parents looked on shooting photos and video. Before the trial, the mini legal eagles grilled District Court Judge Douglas Herndon on every legal question they could think up. Judge Herndon patiently answered all of them. The students got to see the judge do his morning calendar. After, he asked the students what two elements most criminals have in common. The students quickly responded “drugs” but were stumped for the second element. “Lack of education,” said Judge Herndon. The students went through the case serving as prosecution, defense, witnesses, jurors and judge. The jury deliberated in a real jury room with pizza, just like a real jury. Judge Herndon explained that criminal trials have 12 jurors who must be unanimous in their decision in order to gain a conviction. He explained that civil trials have eight jurors and six must agree to reach a verdict. Two more classes will visit District Court for their turn to learn the law in a real courthouse on May 1 and May 8 at 10:30 a.m. at the Eighth Judicial District Court, in the Regional Justice Center.