Probate hearings formerly held at the Family Court will now be held at the Regional Justice Center at 200 Lewis Ave. in courtroom 3F. The move brings hearings conducted by Probate Commissioner Wesley Yamashita into the same courthouse as Probate Judge Gloria Sturman and Presiding Civil Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez.

Commissioner Yamashita will hold hearings Friday morning in 3F. Wednesday probate hearing schedules will be determined based on courtroom availability. The commissioner will temporarily retain chambers at the Family Court at 601 N. Pecos Road, so any filings any orders, courtesy copies, ex-parte applications still need to be delivered to the commissioner at Family Court at 600 Pecos Road.

“Probate serves an important role in our community that touches many people,” said Presiding Civil Judge Gonzalez. “Bringing Probate Commissioner Yamashita to the RJC will centralize all the probate hearings in one place.”

The Probate Commissioner hears an average of around 120 cases a week. Probate is the first phase of a legal process to administer the property of a deceased person. Probate falls under statute titles 12 and 13 of the Nevada Revised Statutes and requires compliance with those statutes.

Admin Order 15-02 was issued today. It designates the Department 11 judge as the alternate for probate. Administrative orders can be found on the District Court website at