The escalators have been out of commission at the Regional Justice Center for several weeks, leaving many to wonder: What’s up with the escalators? It’s not unusual to see the moving marvels out of commission in public buildings, the mall or anywhere they’re found. They’re usually down for a day or two. This time, it is more than a stray paperclip or one of the other minor problems that usually plague escalators everywhere. This time, it is the very chains that keep the stairs escalating. Those chains are custom made and come all the way from Germany. That explains the wait. A few of the needed parts have arrived but a few more parts are still needed. Meanwhile, the stairs are being steamed so they’ll be sparkling clean and ready for installation when the parts do come. A “reliable source” reports a recent estimate for completion on the repairs is set for mid-December. Hopefully, that means the escalators will be up and running by the New Year. It’s a good time to be thankful for the improvements to the elevator programming and the opening of the south entrance for jurors, attorneys and law enforcement and for all the new online functions. Oh, and there is a silver lining. Health websites report: climbing a flight of stairs (12 steps) three times burns 15 calories, improves cardiovascular health and best of all builds muscle. So, climbing eight flights of steps three times, will burn enough calories to allow one to enjoy a small ice cream bar guilt-free (after you catch your breath). Maybe climbing the stairs could be a New Year’s resolution.