Courtesy copies were a hot topic at the March Civil Bench Bar meeting; here’s why it’s good to provide the judge hearing your case with courtesy- copies:

Reason 5: Judicial departments handle many cases, they have limited paper budgets, court staff has limited time to prepare for multiple cases and if courtesy copies are not provided the law clerks would spend all their time making copies.

Reason 4: Courtesy copies should be tabbed and bates-stamped so that exhibits are easy to find quickly, especially in court.

Reason 3: Friends don’t let friends forget to send courtesy copies (courtesy of Alexandra McLeod).

Reason 2: Odyssey files are not tabbed and have to be viewed page-by-page which is cumbersome, time-consuming and makes those forced to do it grumpy.

Reason 1: The top reason to provide courtesy-copies is: many judges will send out a notice vacating your case if you don’t.

Speaking of courtesy copies: it is also important to courtesy-copy Discovery on case conference reports. If you don’t, it will likely delay the scheduling order. If you do copy Discovery and you don’t get a scheduling order, call Discovery to find out what is going on.

In addition to a review of the Nevada Supreme Court decisions, during the March Bench Bar meeting, Assistant District Court administrator Mike Doan gave an update on some highly anticipated upgrades to Odyssey. Portal and File & Serve are being upgraded, but the court is being careful to ensure that no features are lost in the transition. Right now the upgrades are doing well in testing, but there are a few things that have to be worked out before it can go live. Video conferencing upgrades are going well. The funding is approved to go court-wide. This solution will be in every court and will provide judges with the option to have litigants testify by phone or video conference and it will appear on the record. The new videoconferencing system is being tested in Judge Gonzalez’s courtroom.

Those who are looking to schedule short trials should be aware that a number of courtrooms will be available at the RJC the week of Apr. 26-29 during the judicial summit. During the last judicial summit in 2012, 117 short trials were heard, 104 cases settled. It was great use of courtroom space that week.

Next Civil Bench Bar meeting is Apr. 12 at noon.