“You should all take a pro bono case or four;” that’s the advice attorney Carrie Primas gave her colleagues at the January Family Bench-Bar meeting after being honored as Pro Bono Advisory Council volunteer of the month.

Carrie raised an issue of concern that got people talking at the meeting before being called to be honored. Judge Frank Sullivan praised the Hanratty Law Group attorney for taking on seven pro bono cases since 2013. Carrie explained her motivation for doing pro bono with the statement: “There are so many individuals in the community who do not have the resources or knowledge to know where to start in their legal battle. They are just as entitled to justice as somebody who can afford the best attorneys; and doing pro bono work allows me to ensure that at least some of these individuals are properly guided through their case.”

Carrie’s representation has had a significant positive impact by getting children facing abuse into safe circumstances. Congratulation Carrie! Attorneys who want to volunteer should visit the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada Website http://www.lacsnprobono.org.

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