Preventing DUI’s saves lives. That’s why the latest donation of 10 clubs by the Stop DUI program to the District Court Felony DUI Program is so important. Those going through Felony DUI Program treatment are prohibited from driving a vehicle without a breath interlock device. The Clubs are used as part of a strategy to keep them from driving vehicles without the interlock device. Putting a Club on a participant’s vehicle without the interlock device is a way to reduce the potential for a DUI re-offense in the event of a relapse. The Felony DUI Program has 445 participants in various stages of the three to five-year intensive treatment program. A lot of Clubs are needed to secure the vehicles around that many participants.
The Felony DUI Program is one of several District Court specialty court programs that save lives and tax dollars by solving issues through a rigorous and coordinated approach between judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, probation, law enforcement, mental health, social service and treatment communities. Participants in the Felony DUI Program have a pending Felony DUI charge within a seven- year period and have to meet the diagnostic criterion for a substance use disorder. Judge Linda Marie Bell presides over the adult specialty courts program.
Sandy Heverly, the co-founder and executive director of Stop DUI, describes the organization as: “a Nevada grassroots non-profit organization dedicated to stopping the violent crime of driving under the influence and assisting the victims of this crime.” Visit for more information on the program.
The specialty courts are a great example of how the Eighth Judicial District Court is using alternative, efficient methods to address crime and ensure justice. District Court continuously works to develop innovative ideas, improve efficiencies, address issues and improve access to justice. For more information about the courts, please visit our website at