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A message from Eighth Judicial District Court Chief Judge David Barker:

Dear members of the Bar:

As reflected in Administrative Order 16-03, effective March 14, 2016, all Business Court cases currently assigned to Department 29 will be reassigned to Department 15, and Department 1 5 will replace Department 29 for all future Business Court assignments until further notice.

In the interest of fiscal and environmental conservation, the list of civil cases affected by the upcoming reassignment is being made available to you electronically via the link labeled” March 2016 Business Court Reassignments under “Court News” at Please visit the link to determine whether your case will be affected.

Current trial dates will be maintained unless rescheduled by the receiving department. Please review the posted administrative order and the Odyssey electronic case management system for further specifics on the aforementioned transfers and to confirm upcoming hearing dates. In the event you are eligible pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 48.1, you may exercise a peremptory challenge as a result of your case having been reassigned.

The Court greatly appreciates your participation in accommodating this reassignment. Please do not hesitate to contact Assistant Court Administrator Timothy Andrews at 702-671-3312, should you have any questions.

Best regards,

David Barker

Chief Judge

To view the list visit: (scroll down to view the list).