Every day we get bombarded by negative news. It can be overwhelming and depressing to constantly be reminded of the toll hate takes in this world. The power of love was on display big time at the Family Court adoption marathon. You cannot help but be inspired by the actions and the ultimate sacrifice that adoptive parents make to provide loving and stable homes for kids who just want to be loved. It was inspiring to see parents of a gaggle of happy kids all dressed coordinated and snazzy for the occasion, adopting two more to their diverse lineup of adorable children. It was heartwarming to hear a beaming, beautiful, 12-year-old whose adoption became official say that her face hurt because she was smiling so much. Applause erupted after the adoptions of two young girls; after which one of the girls ask, “Who won?” Without skipping a beat, her new mom replied, “You did.”

There is a big need in our community for adoptive and foster parents. There is also a big need for CASA volunteers and others who help kids with less than favorable circumstances. There were lots of smiles, tears, hugs and plenty of love and joy to go around at Family Court during the adoption marathon. Who won? We all did.

For more information about adoption, call the Clark County Department of Family Services at 702-455-0800 or e-mail DFSAdoptions@ClarkCountyNV.gov. For information on CASA, please call 702-455-4306, visit www.casalasvegas.org or Facebook at www.facebook.com/#!/CASALasVegas.