The 25th Annual Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer Recognition Gala was an exceptional recognition event by all accounts. It was well planned, well attended and had all the elements that you could want to make volunteers feel appreciated. Many worthy people received recognition for volunteering to communicate the needs of kids in foster care. The highlight of the night however wasn’t the really good band, the food, or even the awards for the volunteers; it was the two young people who stood up in front of a huge room full of adults and shared their story of how their CASAs changed their lives and made them believe that anything was possible for them and that their future was bright. They showed without a doubt that volunteering a few hours a week can make a difference and can bring hope to a young person in need. They spoke as well as any seasoned speaker could and conveyed how much they gained from their CASA and how much they appreciated all that their CASA did for them. All of the CASA volunteers are appreciated. A few were selected to be recognized at the CASA Gala this year. It was CASA’s 25th Annual Gala and a “toast to the future.”

Thanks to these and all CASA volunteers who serve as a voice for some of our community’s most vulnerable children.

CASA Outstanding Caseworker Marlou Steele

CASA Foundation President’s Award recipient Bart Masi w/Wirtz Beverage

CASA Excellence Award Heather McCusker

Judge John J Mendoza CASA Child of Year Alexandra Lawrence

Adelson Scholarship winner Ryan Matt

CASA Outstanding Newcomers

  • Crystal Bomar
  • Alyssa Carothers
  • Kristen Cole
  • Erin Colegrove
  • Judy Colegrove
  • Janice Morton
  • Karen Rein
  • Kharisma Rodriquez

CASA Outstanding Service Award

  • Verise Campbell
  • Felicia Ceberio
  • David Desmarais
  • Ted Hartwell
  • Hilda Wagner

The CASA program recruits, screens, trains and supports volunteers to represent the best interests of hundreds of foster children annually. The advocates represent the children in school, family team meetings, and in court. Volunteering for the program involves a two-year commitment and a willingness to spend quality time with the children to advocate for them. In 1980, Judge John Mendoza led the creation of the Clark County CASA Program. The CASA mission continues to be fully supported by Family Court judges.

For those interested in volunteering with CASA, monthly orientations are held on the third Wednesday of each month to provide more information about the program. Upcoming orientations will be held at the Government Center, 500 S. Grand Central Pkwy. For more information about the program please call 702-455-4306, visit or Facebook at!/CASALasVegas.