The law is something that constantly evolves. Issues continue to surface surrounding new legislation. To stay current on those changes, Nevada Judges spend a lot of time enhancing their knowledge of the law through continuing education. Judges recently attended sessions at the Nevada District Judges Association (NDJA) Annual Seminar that covered topics including emerging issues with regard to the legalization of marijuana; and sentencing, time computation, and re-entry programs. Judicial educational achievement was recognized at the conference and the jurist were awarded certificates for five levels up to a Distinguished Jurist Award for completing the mandatory course plus 14 additional NJC resident courses.

Continuing education requirements for Nevada judges are mandated by statute and Supreme Court order. Judges are required to keep their knowledge of the law current through comprehensive continuing education and training to promote the competency and professionalism of the Nevada judiciary. A complete overview of judicial educational requirements can be found on the Nevada Supreme Court website