Being adopted and having a forever family is a dream come true for many children in our community who have suffered abuse and neglect. Each year around Halloween, District Court Family Judge Cynthia Giuliani  transforms to a fairy godmother  to makes kids’ adoptions wishes a reality in court. On Monday, Oct. 31 from 9:30 to 11 a.m. at Family Court, 601 N. Pecos Road, in courtroom 22 the special adoption event will take place. The children are invited to come in costume and are given treats.

This is the fifth year Judge Giuliani will create the special adoptions experience around Halloween. “This is a life-changing experience for these families. Granting adoptions and making them special and memorable is the best part of my job,” said Judge Giuliani. “Seeing the happiness of the children who know they will be loved and cared for is so uplifting and hopefully inspiring for others to consider adoption or foster care.”

The District Court Family Division is involved in other special adoption events, including an annual adoption day marathon which is scheduled this year for November 17. For more information about adoption, call the Clark County Department of Family Services at 702-455-0800 or e-mail DFSAdoptions@ClarkCountyNV.gov.

“There is a significant need for caring families who will adopt, foster or even volunteer as court advocates for abused and neglected children. This adoption event is a unique way to make it special for the families and get the word out on the need,” said Family Division Presiding Judge Charles Hoskin.