After recently receiving approval from the Nevada Supreme Court, District Court is taking over the responsibility for the overall administration of public access through a single portal with access to all case types. The court plans to change the remote access fee from the current monthly or annual fee to a lower annual flat fee that will save users money. Access to view electronic documents will still be available at no cost at the Clerk’s Office and to permit anyone to order copies of documents in accordance with NRS 19.013.

Remote access is currently provided in two different platforms, based upon the division in which the case is pending (DAP for cases in the Civil/Criminal Division and Attorney Corner for those in the Family Division). This access will continue for those who choose to utilize that service, rather than utilizing the Clerk’s Office kiosks. Due to remote access issues for sealed cases, the court will still need to create individual accounts but can bundle those charges per firm.

The proposed schedule of charges for this remote access is:

1 user                    $100.00 annually.

2 – 5 users            $200.00 annually.

6 – 10 users           $350.00 annually.

Other upgrades are on the way including:

  • An envelope feature that offers the ability to bundle multiple filings of the same case together for one transaction fee.
  • The Clerk’s Office will issue Summons, Defaults and Writs electronically.
  • PDF’s – Users will have the ability to save and share documents in case files as PDF’s; a capability that has been highly requested and anticipated.