With retirements and two judges taking the bench in the new appellate court, there have been a lot of changes to the bench at District Court that have necessitated some civil/criminal case reassignments. On Monday March 2, 2015 the following calendar and case re-assignments will occur:
Judge Escobar (DC 14) will be moving into Specialty Courts and will coordinate with Judge Bell in that transition. Judge Bell (DC 7) will be assuming Judge Escobar’s civil docket and take an adjusted percentage of random new cases filed and transfers from Judge Sturman (DC 26) until Judge Bell’s caseload is consistent with other all civil departments. Judge Johnson (DC 22) will take Judge Escobar’s criminal rural track assignment and keep her existing civil caseload. Judge Togliatti will take the criminal competency calendar previously assigned to Judge Bell. She will keep her Track 2 criminal caseload, but her previous 25 percent of Judge Hoo’s (NLVJC1) criminal cases will be redistributed to the remaining three judges on Tracks 2 and 12 (Walsh, Ellsworth and Adair). Probate Commissioner Yamashita will move into Phoenix ADR (chambers) and share a courtroom with Judge Sturman Wednesdays and Fridays.