The Eighth Judicial District Court, Family Division is now accepting applications from attorneys interested in serving as pro tem hearing masters in domestic violence/TPO, child support/paternity, juvenile delinquency, and discovery courts. This recruitment occurs on a regular basis to ensure that there are trained attorneys available to assist the Court in these roles.

All interested attorneys are required to submit an application regardless of whether they have previously served as a pro tem hearing master. Applications from interested attorneys are due on or before May 18, 2018 by 5 p.m. 2016 PRO TEM APPLICATION FORM

 Attorneys who apply should be aware that specific training will be required of any who are selected, prior to sitting as a pro tem hearing master. They should also be aware of opinions of the Standing Committee on Judicial Ethics and Election Practices which would affect them, including Opinions JE99-004 and JE 04-003.

Attorneys who are interested in applying for the first time or in continuing as a pro tem should contact Nikki Gross at grossn@clarkcountycourts.us or 702-455-4622 to receive an application.

Following the due date, applications will be reviewed and selections made.  It is possible that more individuals than the number necessary will apply. Thus, applicants will be notified whether they have been accepted and, if accepted, when their training will occur.