The Medical Dental Malpractice Status Check Calendar, more commonly known as Med Mal Sweeps, will be held on Monday, Aug. 7 at 1 p.m. at the Regional Justice Center, 200 Lewis Ave. in Courtroom 14A. There are some significant change this time around including: if the trial department has been set, or your trial had already been set, re-set, or vacated in a previous Med Mal Sweeps, you don’t need to attend the Aug. 7 sweeps for that case and must instead coordinate with your respective trial judge.

The Aug. 7 Med Mal Sweeps calendar will be heard in numerical case number order with the oldest case being heard first, as follows:

  • All med mal cases never set for trial, with complaints filed up to June 5, 2017 if a joint case conference report (JCCR) has been filed.
  • All med mal cases formerly assigned to departments 3, 9, 20, and 21 that have since been re-assigned as of July 1, 2017, will be called at the Aug. 7 sweeps.

A list of cases can be viewed at a link below or on the Clark County and Nevada State websites.

Contrary to prior sweeps, the discovery commissioner won’t be present to address discovery issues, because only trial-ready cases in which the trial schedule order has been established by the latest JCCR or SCHO (Scheduling Order) will be heard.

The court will work to enforce NRS 41.A.061.1, and will attempt to set all Chapter 41A Professional Negligence trials (not already scheduled) within three years of the date that the Complaint was filed. Please bring a list of all the cases at which you will be appearing to the hearing. Those who may have questions regarding the calendar can contact Tatyana Ristic at (702) 671-3633.

atty 8-7-17 MED MAL CALENDAR

August Medmal Sweeps