On Monday, May 15, the legacy E-Filing system will be turned to read-only, and all new filings must be done by File and Serve. District Court E-filing has been upgraded with the highly anticipated File and Serve roll-out. The court held multiple training sessions at the Regional Justice Center, the Family Court campus and were made available to law firms.

Free webinars are still available. Visit the link to sign up for the webinars – Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Credits – Sign up for one of the webinars using the link above and you will receive Continuing Legal Education CLE credit.

Meanwhile, users can self-register for File and Serve by going to

There are many advantages to File and Serve including: the Envelope Feature which enables the filer to bundle multiple filings (all must be same case number) into one envelope for just one $3.50 flat-fee. Filers can submit an Answer, Initial Appearance Fee Disclosure (IAFD) and Demand for Jury Trial in one envelope for a total of $3.50 thereby saving $7.00 on the cost of two documents (if filed separately).

The Issuing Summons feature enables the clerk to electronically issue Summons’ through the new site. Simply submit the Summons at the same time you submit the Complaint (using the envelope feature) and once the Clerk processes the Complaint and assigns a case number, the Summons can be issued. The Summons and Complaint will be returned to the filer ready to be served. These new features will cut steps and save the time previously required to present the Summons’ to the Clerk’s office for issuance after the case had been initiated and a case number assigned through electronic filing.

Defaults and Writs of Execution can also be submitted electronically for review and issuance saving a trip to the Clerk’s office.

Template Functionality enables users to easily set up reusable templates for common new case initiation as well as subsequent filings. This feature can be used to save time and ensure accurate filings.

The E-Check Feature enables payment with checking account information for only $1 per filing/envelope.

Webinars Visit the link to sign up for the webinars – CLE Credits – Sign up for one of the webinars using the link above and you will receive CLE credit. Dates

May 16, 2017 1-2 p.m.Webinar
May 26, 2017 2-3 p.m.Webinar
May 30, 2017 1-2 p.m.Webinar
June 15, 2017 1-2 p.m.Webinar
June 27, 2017 1-2 p.m.Webinar

Training Videos

Further updates will be communicated as they develop.