Senior students from the Advanced Technologies Academy (A-TECH) will do a mock trial before Eighth Judicial District Court Judge Joanna Kishner on Apr. 20 at 9 a.m. at the Eighth Judicial District Court, in the Regional Justice Center, Courtroom 12B. The case that centers around a party train trip gone bad for a young couple, is the senior class capstone project and they will be judged on how much they learned this year.

Students from the legal studies program will serve as the attorneys in the case, while students from the business management and administration, architectural drafting and design, and engineering programs will serve as expert witnesses and defendants. A-TECH’s community partners and school staff will act as members of the jury. Advanced Technologies Academy advisory board members will help facilitate the mock trial and participate as jurors.

“This capstone project gives Clark County students real-world knowledge of a courtroom. It’s conducted in a manner similar to a real trial and offers the kind of experience students at law schools get. I’ve presided over these mock trials for three years; each year, I am impressed with the level of professionalism the A-TECH students demonstrate,” said Judge Kishner. “The work they put in and their presentations are a credit to the students and the teachers.”

The mock case centers around what was intended to be a fun-filled train trip with a marriage proposal. But things turn bad for the couple John and Jennifer. Jennifer sues the train company for inadequate security, inadequate staff training, and inadequate evacuation procedures. Architects and designers get dragged into the suit which results in a challenging capstone project for the A-TECH seniors with majors in law, business management and administration, architectural drafting and design.

Assisting with mock trials is one of many youth educational opportunities the District Court offers. The goal of the Eighth Judicial District Court is to continue to reach out, inform and serve the community as a partner and ensure access to justice. For more information about the Nevada Eighth Judicial District Court, please visit our website at, Facebook at Clark County Courts, or Twitter at M Price@LasVegasCourts..