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Temporary Protective Orders

The Eighth Judicial District Court and the Las Vegas Township Justice Court provide help to individuals seeking protection from harrassment, stalking, and domestic violence. Forms are provided and assistance is available through both courts.

Las Vegas Township Justice Court

The Las Vegas Justice Court is only authorized to issue Temporary Protective Orders Against Stalking and Harassment and cannot issue Temporary Protective Orders Against Domestic Violence. Stalking and harrassment are defined as actions of a neighbor, co-worker or friend. Domestic Violence is defined as violence that occurs in a domestic situation, such as in a home between a husband and wife. Domestic Violence Temporary Protection Orders assistance is provided at the Family Courts and Services Center through the Eighth Judicial District Court.

Eighth Judicial District Court

The Eighth Judicial District Court’s Family Violence Intervention Program, a cooperative effort of the Family Division and Safe Nest, is dedicated to reducing acts of domestic abuse in our community by providing: assistance with the filing of protection order applications, information regarding court-related procedures, safety planning and community awareness of domestic violence issues.

Protective Orders

The Las Vegas Justice Court is authorized to issue only Temporary Protective Orders Against:

  • Stalking and Harassment
  • Harm to Minors
  • Sexual Assault, or
  • Harassment in the Workplace (to be filed by the Owner / Agent of the Business)

Las Vegas Justice Court cannot issue Temporary Protective Orders Against Domestic Violence.  For information on Temporary Protective Orders Against Domestic Violence, please contact the District Court Family Division at (702) 455-3400.

For assistance in filing a Protective Order Against Stalking and Harassment, see the information shown below, or visit the Self Help Center located on the 1st floor of the Regional Justice Center, in downtown Las Vegas at 200 Lewis Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89155. Their business hours are 8 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

The completed documentation must be filed with the Justice Court Clerk’s Office. Office hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Customers will ONLY be able to obtain customer service tickets from the Court’s Q-Matic Customer Call System through 4:00 pm. You may get information about Protective Orders at (702) 671-3478. The information provided here is only general.

Protective Order Guidelines

A Temporary Protective Order (TPO) may be filed with the Justice Court under the following guidelines:

  • The stalking and harassment occurred within the Las Vegas Township.
  • The stalking and harassment is a repetitive action, occurring more than one time.

Protective Order Filing Fees

No fees will be assessed when an individual files for a Protective Order. The payment of all costs and official fees will be deferred for any individual who petitions for a Protective Order. If the case goes to a hearing before a Judge, the Judge will have the discretion to impose the full filing fee, a reduced fee, or no fee against the adverse party (the party against whom the order is entered). If the case does not proceed to a hearing before a Judge, the issue of fees will be considered to be “deferred” indefinitely. An Application for Order for Protection Against Harassment in the Workplace, requires a $49 filing fee and a $100 security bond.

Mandatory E-Filing of All Civil Cases Starting August 1, 2011

Starting August 1st, all documents to be filed with the Justice Court’s Civil Division (except Judge’s Orders for signature) are required to be electronically filed (E-Filing). Users may file through Odyssey E-File & Serve at for a charge of $2.50 for each document. This fee is in addition to any applicable Court filing fees. You must have a credit or debit card. The credit card company charges 8 cents (3% as a service charge) to E-File each document outside of the Regional Justice Center.

Users may E-File documents for free (but will still have to pay any applicable Court filing fees) at the scanning stations located in the Justice Court Clerk’s Office on the 2nd floor of the Regional Justice Center, 200 Lewis Avenue in Downtown Las Vegas.

Cash, Checks or Money Orders will be accepted for court filing fees at the Justice Court Clerk’s Office on the 2nd floor of the Regional Justice Center.

An e-mail address is required to receive a file stamped copy of your document. A free e-mail account may be set up at the Clark County Law Library located a 309 S. Third Street. Further information regarding the Law Library is available at 455-4696. You may also establish a free e-mail account through Microsoft at, Yahoo at or Google at

Protective Order Application

Individuals seeking a Protective Order must complete the following documents:

Please complete ALL sections of the forms to provide the Judge all information needed to evaluate the application. If documents are missing or incomplete, review of the application may be delayed or the application may be rejected.

The application may be typed or handwritten. If you hand-write your application, make sure that the information is readable. Contain your written information to the face of the application and within the margins. If the application is not readable, it may be rejected or the review may be delayed.

Applicants for a protection order must also complete a Confidential Protection Order Information Sheet detailing information about themselves and each adverse party being filed against. This information is provided to law enforcement agencies to better enable service and enforcement. If the protection order is to include more than just you, you will need to complete a Confidential Protection Order Information Sheet for each person for whom you are seeking protection.

If the Applicant has supporting documentation, such as police reports, to be considered at the time of the, the Applicant must also file:

  • Notice of Filing Exhibits

The Court cannot accept any documents with full Social Security Numbers or full Credit Card Numbers or copies of Driver’s Licenses.  Please make sure that any personal information that you do not want part of the public record, including full Social Security Numbers, is crossed out with a black felt tip pen.

Exhibits may be documents, CD’s, DVD’s, tapes, or other recorded media. If the Judge does not have the hardware or machines to view or hear the exhibits presented, they may not consider them in their decision.

You have the right to proceed without a lawyer if you are seeking a Protective Order.

Protective Orders are NOT approved until it has been reviewed by a Judge. The Protective Order becomes enforceable ONLY WHEN IT IS SERVED on the Adverse Party(s) and is effective only for a period of 30 days.

Exception: Harassment in the Workplace Protective Orders are immediately effective and are only issued for a period of 15 days or less.

Extended Order of Protection

If you want to request a Motion to Extended Order for Protection, you must request it before the original Protective Order expires. When you apply for an Extended Order, an evidentiary hearing is set. The Defendant must be served with notice of the Extended Order hearing, or no Extended Order can be issued. At this hearing, the Judge will hear the facts supporting your application for an Extended Order. If the Extended Order is granted, the Extended Order may be granted for up to one year, but may be granted for a shorter time. The order will expire at the time determined by the Judge.

Other Protective Order Motions

The Applicant or adverse party may file additional motions on a Protective Order case. Once a motion is filed, it is sent to the Judge to either Grant or Deny the Motion and Issue an Order or to set the matter for Hearing.

If an adverse party (the person against whom protection is sought) wishes to file any motion, the adverse party must also complete and submit with the motion a Confidential Protection Order Information Sheet (For Use By Adverse Party).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only the Applicant can withdraw the Application for a protective order.

A Protective Order Motion Form is available for persons to use to request to:

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