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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I search for a District Court Civil Case file?

Begin a Civil Case Search by selecting District Civil Records. Choose a Search parameter, either Case, Party or Attorney. Each has its own search options. For instance, under Case, choose the option Cross Reference Number, and type in the case type letter, an 'A' for civil case types, and then the six digit number of the case. Select 'Search' and the system will search for the case.

How do I find my traffic ticket and can I pay it online?

Find a Traffic Ticket by selecting View and Pay Traffic Citations Online. This will bring you to the Las Vegas Township Justice Court's Traffic Division. Here individuals can search for a traffic citation by citation number or by name. Once a search locates the citation, individuals have the option to pay the ticket online by using a popular credit card.

Where can I find Probate Cases?

Probate cases filed before January 2009 are found on Blackstone. Probate Cases filed after January 2009 can be found using the Tyler Odyssey search under the Family Records Search.

How do I look up my Civil Case in the District Court if I don’t have the entire case number with the year it started?

Use the 'Cross Ref Number' search option to look up a case using only the case file type designation "A" and the six digits of the case number.

How come I get results that don’t match when I search for a case using the Party option?

The system will show results of any case that has a party that is similar to the name you enter. If you only want the names with the exact spelling, turn off the ‘Use Soundex’ feature.

Can I look up a Civil Case Party if I only have their last name?

No. You must have at least part of the first and last name to search for a party.

Where can I locate hearing dates in a Civil Case File?

The hearings are on the Case Summary. They are listed under the date of the hearing, and can be identified because they have a hearing time and Judicial Officer on the same line.

Where can I view Civil Case Minutes?

On the Case Summary there is blue link titled Minutes under any hearing that has minutes available to view. Click on this link to view the minutes for that hearing.

Why am I having difficulty looking for cases using the party search when the party is a business?

Businesses are sometimes entered as a Corporation, Company, Incorporated, etc.. To improve your results, enter the name of the business and place a wildcard (*) at the end (Ex: Mirage*). This will bring up any case that involves a business that begins with the company name and any variation.

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photo: Clark County Courts Records Inquiry Portal Page

The Clark County Courts' new Court Records Inquiry System allows individuals to search for Eighth Judicial District Court Civil case records and calendars, Family records, and Traffic Court records in the Las Vegas Township Justice Court.

The system, powered by Tyler Odyssey, provides users with the ability to review detailed information about cases, search for and create civil court calendars, and pay Traffic Fines. The system is part of the Clark County Court's initiative to provide better access to court records online.

The system is powerful and can provide individuals with upcoming court dates, detailed minutes, a list of past proceedings, and information about upcoming proceedings.

The District Court has created a video that demonstrates how to use the Tyler Odyssey system to search for a civil case and to locate a civil calendar for an attorney, judicial officer or a case. Many of the questions posed in the Frequently Asked Questions section are demonstrated in the following video:

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For more information about the Tyler Odyssey Court Records Inquiry System, please direct inquiries to:








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