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Mobile Home Park Evictions


































A landlord who is renting out a mobile home, may evict the tenant from the mobile home just like any other landlord.  However, a landlord who is renting out a mobile home lot (link to glossary) is subject to a unique set of laws.  This site will answer the following questions relating to the eviction of a tenant from a mobile home lot:

 Are there special rules for evicting a person from a mobile home?

If the tenant is renting the mobile home, as opposed to just renting the land on which the mobile home sits, there are no special rules and summary eviction may be used.

 If the person is being evicted from a mobile home lot in a mobile home park (i.e. they own the home but are renting the land), the formal eviction process must be followed and NRS 118B applies.  See NRS 40.253(10).

Are there special rules for eviction a person from a recreational vehicle park?

A tenant in a recreational vehicle park may be evicted through the summary eviction process even if they do not occupy a recreational vehicle (i.e. they live in a mobile home in an RV park).  In the case of a “no cause” eviction notice, they may be given a 5-day Notice to be followed by a 5-day Notice of Unlawful Detainer. See NRS 40.251(1)(d).

What grounds must exist to evict someone from a mobile home park?

A mobile home park must have grounds to evict someone from a space in a mobile home park.  “No cause” evictions from a mobile home parks are not authorized. 

The grounds for evicting someone from a mobile home park include:

  • Failure to pay rent, utility charges or reasonable service fees within 10 days after written notice
  • Failure to correct noncompliance with a law, ordinance or governmental regulation or a valid rule or regulation or to cure any violation of the rental   agreement within a reasonable time after notice;
  • Conduct  in the park which constitutes an annoyance to other tenants;
  • Violation of valid rules of conduct, occupancy or use of park facilities after  written notice of the violation change in the use of the land by the landlord
  • Conduct of the tenant which constitutes a nuisance
  • Habitual failure to pay timely rent.  NOTE, this ground only applies if the tenant is not a natural person (ie a corporation, LLC, etc. in which case the tenant must     have received three or more 10-day notices to quit for failure to pay rent in the preceding 12-months)

What type of notice must be given to evict someone from a mobile home park?

If grounds to evict the tenant exist, the landlord must set forth those grounds in a written notice to the tenant.  If the tenant fails to comply with the notice, the landlord may then serve the tenant with a summons and complaint for eviction.  For mobile home lots, the following notices apply:

  1. 5-days notice for a nuisance
  2. 10-days notice for nonpayment of rent or utility charges
  3. 180-days notice if the owner of the mobile home park is closing it or converting it
  4. 45-days notice if the termination is for any other reason.  NRS 118B.190

Is there any special assistance for mobile home owners who cannot pay their rent?

There is a state fund that is administered by the Manufactured Housing Division.  Eligibility is based upon income and the availability of funds.




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